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MGM Supplement: Macular Degeneration


I have had the "beginnings" of macular degeneration for about 10 years, and it has never progressed. I guess the progression part also depends on what type you have, whether it be "wet" or "dry". I don't know which I have.

My doctor told me the only thing to do for it was nutritional. First she said to take the anti-oxidants, which I was already doing, so I just "upped" the amount. Next she said add Ginkgo Biloba. This was before MGM Supplement offered it, but I went out and "guessed" at which one to get. I ended up just got the "expensive" ones and figured they were better than the cheapies that cost 1/3rd the price and whose main ingredient was fillers! I had also heard a testimony by a lady I know who was supposed to go blind and never did because she heard a radio program by a doc discussing macular degeneration and how it is imperative to take 200mg of zinc daily.
Anyway, this was 20 years ago. She is in her 80's now & still no problem with macular degeneration as far as I know.

Here is some research info:

"Researchers from the Department of Optometry and Neurosciences at England's University of Manchester, in a presentation to the Association for Research in Vision and Opthamology, announced that a natural dietary supplement ingredient called lutein may help promote eye health for the aging.

Evidence indicates that a tiny part of the eye's retina, the macular pigment, may give it in-built protection from Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), the principal cause of irreversible blindness in the elderly.

The macular pigment is entirely made up of lutein and zeaxanthin, plant pigments found in many fruits and vegetables. The researchers' findings indicate it may be possible to increase macular pigment density, thereby reducing the risk of the disease and even halting its progress in existing patients, simply by adding extra sources of the two carotenoids to an individuals diet."

Source: Health Products Business Magazine, Oct 2002

(My note: Lutein and zeaxanthin are in our Natural Beta Carotene and gingko biloba is in our Mental Acuity. Also the bilberry in Mental Acuity is very good for eyesight).

So having stated all this background, here is what I take daily for my Macular Degeration (I also take lots of other MGM nutrients):

Multi-Vitamin (3) to help balance the zinc with copper, etc.
Zinc (2 - 6) this seems to be enough for me, even tho' the doc stated 200 mg needed. You also get zinc in the Mulit and Formula Immune.
Mental Acuity (3)
Vit E (3)
Vita C (3 - 6)
Natural Beta Carotene (3) Took about 9 when I first started, but 3 seems to be doing

I also suggest Formula Immune, as they have zinc (& copper for balance of zinc)Some people with really serious Macular degeneration take 200mg of zinc daily. If you do this, you have to balance it with more Formula Immune and Multi-Vitamin to keep copper in balance.

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