Thursday, October 23, 2008

MGM Supplement: Is Your resistance Low?

There is but one answer to that question -- NUTRITION. Most diseases are man-made, brought on by the forces of civilization. It's a fact. Civilization has forced man to live an unnatural life, eat unnatural food, and, in many cases, has contaminated his food through chemicalization. Some of these chemicals have been condemned by our Government as being cancer-causing agents. Note the campaign waged by the Federal Food and Drug Administration to remove certain foods from the market which had been sprayed with a chemical KNOWN to produce cancer in laboratory animals.

Yes, the crimes of civilization are many. Yet man continues to eat many foods in blissful ignorance of the damage he is doing to his health. He doesn't know -- but ignorance of the law is no excuse in the courts of justice. This is true in Nature's court, too. There is strong hope for you. Of one thing you may be sure -- Nature intended that you be well and strong with sufficient resistance to ward off diseases. NATURE WORKS FOR YOU, NEVER AGAINST YOU! But you must allow her to do so.

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