Thursday, October 15, 2009

MGM Supplement: The Prescription for a Healthier Life

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend about what he was doing to prevent getting sick with all of this influenza going around. He stated that he was supplementing daily with a multi-vitamin and a fish oil caplet. I then asked him if he has noticed a difference since he started? He said, "Nope, but my friend takes this and she looks pretty good, so it must be good...."

This statement just kills me, because if you are taking a product and your not seeing any improvements, why would you think it is making you healthier? The fact is, a whole bunch of those vitamins that you find on the shelf at Wal-mart haven't been tested by their manufactures to see if it is actually doing the things that it claims on the bottle. And the funny thing is, this is legal. The federal government doesn't require these products to be tested before they are put on the shelf. So you may be buying a $8 bottle of fish-oil that could be contaminated with mercury. My point is, that you just don't really know what your getting, no one does, not even the manufacturer.

This is where shaklee is so much different. We back every product up with peer reviewed studies, over 80,000 quality control tests yearly and a money back guarantee.

Shaklee has created a perscription for a healthier life. Check it out... I guarantee you will be able to tell a difference.

Shaklee Vitalizer™—
A Foundation for a Longer, Healthier Life*
80 bio-optimized nutrients clinically proven to create a foundation for a longer, healthier life.*

* High potency for supercharged vitality*
* Powerful antioxidant protection against free radical damage*
* Supports heart, brain, bone, joint, digestive, and immune health*

Vivix™—A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Cellular Anti-Aging*
A revolutionary breakthrough in the fight against cellular aging.*

* Protects and repairs cellular DNA*†
* Positively impacts genetic regulators*†
* Promotes mitochondrial biogenesis*†
* Slows AGE protein formation*†

Cinch®—Best Breakfast on the Planet
A delicious and nutritious protein-rich meal with leucine to protect lean muscle mass.

* A complete, healthy, nutritious meal with 24 g of protein‡ and 6g of fiber
* Includes leucine to preserve lean muscle mass which supports metabolism
* Delicious way to help manage your weight

NutriFeron®—A Powerful Breakthrough in Immune System Science
A powerful breakthrough in immune system science.*

* Supports a healthy immune system*
* Naturally boosts interferon levels*

Become a shaklee member and have the products automatically shipped to your door every month. You will save $68 on every purchase of the RX for a Healthier Life. If you don't like the products, send back the containers, empty or full, for a full refund...

"I am intensely passionate about health and have dedicated my professional life to informing and inspiring people about how to take responsibility for their health, rather than waiting for challenges to occur. Research confirms that nutrition, weight control, and wise supplementation can powerfully impact your vitality today and your future health. So I've written my "Rx for a Healthier Life," incorporating Shaklee products that I firmly believe give us the best chance to feel great today and be on the path to wellness. Be well!"

Jamie McManus, M.D.
Chairman, Medical Affairs, Health Sciences & Education

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