Monday, July 02, 2007

MGM Supplement: Keep up with your Fiber

Fiber Supplements* 75 tablets / 15 servings Kosher Star D (Dairy)
The Fiber You Need On a "Regular" Basis
Let's face it: We don't always do what's best for us. While the FDA recommends that we eat 25 grams of fiber a day for a 2,000 calorie diet, most Americans typically consume half of that amount. And yet the benefits are clear: a healthier colon as well as better digestion and regularity.* So how can you get the fiber you need on a "regular" basis? Each serving of MGM Fiber Supplements provides 3 grams of dietary fiber with just 5 calories - making it simple to do what's good for you.

5 tablets with full glass of water at mealtime to add extra fiber to your diet.

Fiber Supplement Daily Crunch * 15.8 oz. / 30 servings
The Fiber You Need, the Taste You Enjoy

It sounds too good to be true. A supplement that promotes both heart and colon health while aiding good digestion and regularity - and it tastes good, too! The natural soluble fiber in MGM Supplement Fiber Supplement Daily Crunch helps retain normal cholesterol levels by binding to cholesterol so it can't be absorbed. At the same time, the insoluble fiber aids colon health by assisting digestion and promoting regularity. Its tasty, crunchy formula packs a high-fiber punch with 5 grams per serving.*

One serving (1/4 cup) adds 5 grams of dietary fiber to your diet. Can be sprinkled on yogurts, fruits, cereals, soups, and salads, added to your favorite bread, muffin and other recipes, or eaten right from the container with a favorite drink. This product contains psyllium which can cause allergic reactions.

MGM Fiber Supplement Unflavored *10.6 ounces / 60 servings
Cholesterol Buster*
A diet high in fiber (25 grams a day) helps keep cholesterol levels where they should be. Americans typically eat only half of what's recommended. Clinical studies show MGM Fiber Supplement has a proprietary blend of four natural soluble fibers, including psyllium seed husk, which binds to cholesterol, preventing its absorption, thereby helping retain normal cholesterol levels. Two teaspoons of MGM Fiber Supplement contain 4 grams of dietary fiber.

Mix 2 teaspoons with 8 fluid ounces of orange juice, other fruit juices, or your favorite MGM drink product. Stir briskly until dissolved and drink immediately. Or stir in any flavor of nonfat yogurt. Store in a cool, dry place. Ingredients: Psyllium husk, pectin, guar gum, locust bean gum, maltodextrin, ascorbic acid. This product contains psyllium, which can cause allergic reactions.

* If your diet is low in fiber, increase fiber gradually to avoid minor gas or bloating sometimes associated with high fiber intake. If these conditions do occur, simply reduce the amount you consume until the symptoms subside and then gradually increase your consumption again.

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