Monday, November 24, 2008

MGM Supplement: Doesn't old age just naturally creep up on one?

Old age never creeps up on anyone. In spite of the fallacious ideas of those who are approaching the golden years of a productive life, old age is not lurking in the background.
There is no use looking over your shoulder in fear of its approach. Old age is not approaching you from the rear, anyhow - it is somewhere out there in the future. Neither is it a fixed quantity or entity which you can give the distinction of being. Old age is only a mythical state of being, arbitrarily invented by your own process of mind. Haven't you seen individuals who were old at forty, while others are young at eighty?
Old age, then, is a combination of mental attitude and physical wellbeing. Either one may be in the plus or in the minus column of your life's ledger. Regardless of the column in which it appears, you are responsible for its appearance there. And you CAN make new entries in that ledger regardless of your age. All you have to do is start living THE NUTRITIONAL WAY TO HEALTH.

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