Friday, November 07, 2008

MGM Supplement: What is Nutritional Deficiency

A nutritional deficiency exists within your body when any single group of cells, or the whole body, is not receiving sufficient nutritional material to keep it in a state of good repair. So, you see, the deficiency may be local or general. A local deficiency may be due to an interference with the blood supply to a certain group of cells, or to the lack of the nutritional elements in the blood stream necessary to nourish those cells.

It is a well-known fact that occupational hazards, posture, lack of exercise, manner of dress, and a number of other things, may interfere with normal blood circulation. And, as you already know, the blood stream is the transportation vehicle of our nutrition. Anything that will prevent the blood from carrying the nutritional substances to the cell will cause a nutritional deficiency.

In addition, the blood may carry only a partial cargo of nutrition. If your diet fails to provide all of the necessary nutritional elements, the cells requiring those missing substances will suffer from nutritional deficiency. This may cause serious trouble. Of course, where there
is a general lack of nutritional substances, there is general starvation of tissue cells. The whole body is weakened!

Does that account for the development of specific diseases?

Wherever there is a weakness in the body, that organ or location is low in resistance against disease. So, local nutritional deficiency may cause a specific nutritional deficiency disease of that organ or location, or it may be a contributing factor to that disease.

Regardless of the type of disease, better nutrition will assist the body to overcome its effect. Tissue cells weakened from mal-nutrition are certainly more susceptible to infection. Your first line of defense is your nutrition supply.

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