Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MGM Supplement:Your only as Young as you Feel

The following is a testimonial:

My Dad was VERY unhealthy in his sixties before Shaklee (MGM Supplement). Then Shaklee came along and my mother made sure he took generous servings daily for years. Dad is 90 years old now and still runs his lumberyard, sees his lady friend daily and is very sharp mentally.

When Vivix came along, my Dad did not think he needed it. I gave him the "talk" about the need for it and gave him the "talk" again several months in a row to convince him he needed it daily. Now he is absolutely convinced and takes it every day without fail. These are his results. By the way, Dad takes no medications at all, his health kit is Shaklee nutrition which he eats daily. His eyesight is better, his skin looks younger (many people think he is in his 60's as he really looks that young), his heart is stronger (he had a some irregularity in his heartbeat at his last checkup, his heart is beating stronger and with a more regular beat now), but the one that Dad is really thrilled about is the lack of pain in his stomach.

He lifted something quite heavy about five years ago and felt something tear. He had blood in his urine so visited the doctor and was checked with several tests and nothing could be found. But since that time he has had an uncomfortable feeling and he cannot lift anything very heavy, sometimes I think my Dad thinks he is 20 again. He was so excited to share with me a couple of weeks ago the pain is gone from whatever the problem was. He can lift again with no pain.

I write this as people seem to feel that past a certain age, improvement is impossible. Not so, Dad has proved that. ~Sondra

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