Monday, June 21, 2010

Who Should Take Alfalfa?

A bushy, clover plant, widely cultivated as a forage and fodder crop, alfalfa is extremely high in protein, 18.9%. Compare that to beef – 16.5%, whole wheat – 13.8%, eggs – 13.1%, and milk – 3.3%. Furthermore, look at what alfalfa adds to your daily diet: vitamins C, B6, D, E, K, U, and betaine (a tissue salt), plus the minerals; calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sulfur and manganese; and alfalfa is very high in trace minerals.
What else does Alfalfa contain? Nature’s richest source of chlorophyll, a powerful body cleanser and detoxifier. Do you suffer from hay fever or allergies? Consider this: the chlorophyll in alfalfa is a natural healing substance and has helped many others just like you.
Who should take alfalfa? From A to Z –just about everyone! Especially YOU if:
A - you ever had bad breath or body odor
B - you are slow to heal
C - you catch colds, the flu, or other infections easily
D - you suffer from fatigue
E - you have sore muscles
F - you are arthritic, have bursitis or rheumatism
G - you have chronic indigestion or ulcers
H - you experience irregular heartbeats
I - your blood clots too slowly
J - you have weak bones or are a post-menopausal woman
K - you retain too much fluid
L - you suffer from PMS
M - you have allergies or sinus troubles
N - you have weak kidneys or urinary tract infections
O - you have gout
P - you are asthmatic
Q - you are overweight
R - you are underweight
S - you are an athlete
T - your eyesight is deteriorating
U - you have prostate problems
V - you are anemic
W - you have high blood pressure
X - you have elevated cholesterol levels
Y - you have acne or other skin ailments
Z - you are a growing child or teenager
When people do not get results from supplements it is usually because they are not taking enough or they are not taking them consistently. We have found that most people will get dramatically improved results with a minimum of 20 Alfalfa per day. Ten Alfalfa tablets per meal is generally a good guideline. Just think of it as eating 10 peas on a plate.
Shirley Thomsen, Council Bluffs, IA had crippling arthritis in her knees when introduced to Shaklee products. After taking 3 Alfalfa tablets per meal with no results, her sponsor suggested 10 Alfalfa tablets per meal. After one week, she was no longer in pain and had much greater range of motion.
When Dr. Jim Scala was at Shaklee, he began his own investigation of same as he constantly heard this over and over across the field. One interesting thing he told was that Alfalfa was indeed an ancient food--Some ancient writings even suggested it may have been "One of the pulses of Prophet Daniel."
Dr. Shaklee always said Alfalfa just popped out in the world of vegetation. At that time, no plant on earth had roots that went so deep into the earth. As we have depleted our topsoils so vastly, not obeying the rules of nature and overworking the soils; perhaps results are obtained from the abundance of minerals Alfalfa has.
I'd always been told in Shaklee if you were exiled to a desert island with only 1 products, take Alfalfa. I'm in my 70's and have no arthritic pain. I have used Alfalfa along with other products faithfully all these years.
Vivian P
This was one of the first products my mom (now age 75) took 22 years ago. She had arthritis so bad she could barely dress herself. She took 30 per day and still does and is on the go; camping, rafting, and RVing all over the place.
Nancy H & Alice C

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