Thursday, July 08, 2010

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I went to the school today to have lunch with my boys. Mr
Davis approached me (always makes me nervous!) He wanted to
tell me that he doesn't know what has changed at home or
otherwise with Timothy, but that he has noticed a complete change
in his activity level. He is sooo much calmer! Then he said he went
to Mrs Rose to see if she had noticed and she said yes, there has
been a big change! I did not tell any of them about putting Tim on
shaklee products until after they told me of this change! How cool is
that ! Annemarie
A couple of months ago I got a very good friend of mine who
has Type II diabetes to go on the Vivix. I had sent her some
information on resveratrol and the amazing effects it is having on
people's health. I told her I knew of a top of the line product loaded
with resveratrol and other important ingredients that far outweigh
anything out there. She has already discussed with me the increase
in energy she feels and how the spots on the back of her hands
have disappeared. Here's a shining testimonial she shared with me
tonight - I'm so incredibly excited for her!
"I was super sick for about four days; dousing myself in
peppermint oil did no good. While deciding whether to draw up a
will or break down and go to the doctor, I chose the doctor because
it was cheaper and faster. Good news! My general health has
improved so much and I've lost such a substantial amount of weight
that I was overmedicating, which was what was making me so sick.
He took me off two dosages completely and cut one in half. Could
Vivix be the culprit here? Ya think?" Claire Peters
I have MS. And for me
since I started using
Shaklee products, I quit
taking the MS drug, (too
many side effects) and I
was doing better in the
physical sense using
Shaklee. When Vivix came out, I added it to my regimen of
supplements. I’m walking better, and I’m (hold your breath ...
maybe you should sit down!) STARTING TO “RUN”! I am, to say
the least, more than pleased with that fact. Kevin

and Kristen McAsey

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