Friday, December 03, 2004

Bi-Polar Success Story

Here is 'Bo' Rush's Bi-Polar success story.

Sixteen years ago I was diagnosed as a Bi Polar Manic Depressant.
I suffered from sleepless nights, food cravings, & mental instabilities in an array of life matters. To be honest, every day life problems, goals, & desires were put on hold.

I didn't know how to solve them & was having a very hard time just living life in general. I knew that nothing in life was satisfying. To be blunt, I was giving up on life. I had even considered suicide.

One day a friend of mine bought her Shaklee upline to visit. We discussed the benefits of using several of the nutritional products. I began taking the Basics without Iron & Cal Mag . Immediately I began to sleep through the night, & go to work regularly with a good attitude.

In the beginning I was reluctant to start on the soy, but after gaining such tremendous benefits from only 2 products, I added Soy Protein. Fears, phobias, & even my weight started to dissipate.

By now, only a few short weeks after my first meeting with my Shaklee upline, I was off all medications & no longer needed my physycologist.

I found that the Shaklee food supplements balanced my physical & mental state. I added Lecithin to my daily supplementation. I got a new lease on life & credit Shaklee & my Shaklee friends for saving my life.

By now I use most of the Shaklee supplements, but I dare not skip one day of my packet for Bi Polar which includes the Vanilla Soy, Basics without Iron, Super Cal Mag+, & Lecithin.

I find that this is not a lot of product to consume considering that they have literally saved my life. I am so thankful for Shaklee nutrition. I recommend this 4 product regimen for anyone with a chemical imbalance.

Now I can say that I love my life & am not afraid to live it. Carter A. Rush

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