Thursday, December 09, 2004

Life-Long Weight Management Program

Looking Good and Feelin great!
A Product testimonie by: Joyce Hoffman

Six months after starting Shaklee's weight management program I had lost 52 lbs. I dropped from a size 22 slacks and 3X tops to a size a size 16 slacks and large tops.

I've always had a weight problem. I'm 68 and have been on dieting for the past 55 years. I've gone on almost every diet known, looking for an answer. I would loose weight then gain it back. I'd given up on being trim until this program was introducted.

I wasn't very optimisitc, but the results I have experienced are proof of the program.

How does it differ from other diets? It's not a diet!

I was amazed of the food I was to eat. I thought there was no way I could eat all that foood, including starches, and loose weight. But, I lost 8 pounds my first week. Despite a trip to Hawaii and holiday dinners, I still continued to lose at a steady rate.

I have not experienced a headache or the shakes from blood sugar swings, which was customary for me when dieting. I don't feel hungry or deprived, and best of all, I have lots of energy and feel terrific. I've lost inches proportionately.

People are telling me that they've never seen me looking better. I no longer feel I'll be overweight the rest of my life...

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Wether you want to loose weight or just maintain a healthy weight, this life-long weight management program is one of those gold star programs that produce life-long results...

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