Sunday, December 12, 2004

How to lower your cholesterol and glucous numbers

This is an amazing testimony about the power of Shaklee supplements...
By: Donna Schroeder

I would like to pass this information on to you. In November I went into the hospital for pre-op, to have a simple surgery done to remove the bone spurs I had developed from a broken nose years ago.

I wasn't worried as I had no problems a year ago, when I had my carbotunnel surgery. I had planned on having the surgery during our Thanksgiving downtime so I wouldn't have the black eyes when we returned to work.

I also was an Excel Rep who joined the B-Team. To make a long story shorter, I was a walking timebomb and was exceptionally lucky that I didn't have a heart-attack or worse died. I am only 53 years old.

There was no diabetes on either of my family sides. Found out it was the steriods that they put me on when I had exposed to a vapor at work for a prolonged amount of time for 2 days straight. Steriods can cause diabetes.

My numbers were outragous. My glucous level was 337. Should've been between 70 and 110. My cholesterol was 347. My lipid profile breakdown was cholesterol 290 (should've been between 100-200.) triglyceride 347 (should've been between 50-150) good HDL 39 (should've been between 40-80) LDL was 182 (should've been between 40-80.) As you can imagine, my doctor and his nurses kept coming up to me and asking if I had any chest pains and if I was feeling alright. Next step was a stress tests. I didn't pass that either.

They found an irregularity. And to tell you the truth. No one was telling me anything, I had no idea what was going on. I was feeling good. Going in for a simple surgery. Well, I had gotten these numbers on Oct.25, not really that long ago. And with my father dying over 20 years earlier from a massive heart attack at the age of 53, I was really terrified.

On November 11, I placed my first shipment order. What did I have to loose. All I could remember was my father had told me if my grandfather had taken shaklee vitamins he'd have lived longer. My father should've followed his own advice. As he was a shaklee distributor.

I ordered the cholesterol regulator package. It has the Cholesterol Regulation Complex, coqheart and Omega 3 Complex. And the glucous regulator a week later. My numbers are unreal.

The first stint was put in on Nov. 30. Thank God there was no damage to my heart. My artery was plugged 90%. They gave me the numbers before I left the hospital.

My cholestrol level dropped to 173. I knew the crestor would drop it 30 points, but that is more than half. of what it was. My triglyceride dropped to 132 and the good HDL dropped to 29 and the LDL to 118. And they wanted the LDL down to under 100.

Just had more blood work down on Monday, Dec. 6, and saw the doctor on Wednesday, Dec. 8. My cholestrol dropped to 172, triglyceride is 157. and the good HDL is 42 and I brought the LDL down to 99.

My glucose has been averaging around 105-137. So the glucose regulator is working excellent also.

Kevin thought that I should pass these numbers on and tell how they have helped me. If they help just one person save their life, lower their numbers, it is far more important than what could've happened to me. By the was, my doctor said it is a miracle that one simple test saved my life and credits the shaklee vitamins I am on with what is happening in my recovery.

He also told me I probably would've been dead in two years if I hadn't gone in for the simple test that has changed my life.

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