Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Help for Diverticulitis Sufferers!

When food becomes trapped in these sacs and digestion via colon bacteria begins, the digested food particles become stagnant, thus causing inflammation and infection.

Most symptoms may be improved via diet manipulation and a specific supplementation program.

Improve your diet i.e. eliminate all junk & processed foods.
Improve the digestive process.
Restore correct bowel flora (favorable bacteria in the colon).
Provide the bowel with certain supplements to help it fight off food fermentation & infection. Drink plenty of pure clean water.

Recomended Shaklee Products:

Shaklee Basics
Herb lax
Stomach soothing comfort (make into tea)
Omega 3 Complex
Fiber (after inflammation clears up)

In the inflamed state, you should avoid fiber or spicy food until the infection clears up. When the infection is gone, gradually increase your fiber intake to 25 grams a day. In severe cases, some people are put on a liquid diet.

Avoid foods with little seeds (such as sesame seeds, tomato seeds or cucumber seeds) and nuts, which may not get fully digested and could get caught in a pouch. Foods with tough skins could also be a problem.

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