Monday, November 15, 2004

Shaklee Basics Testimonial - No more glaucoma!!

Just imagine all the other possibilities for those who take just theShaklee Basics... It is a very important nutrition program for EVERYONE.
Basic, Simple, and Inexpensive would be the best descriptionfor this amazing program!

From: Joanne Skipper

I thought this might interest many of you. We brag about out basic program and see great things happen for people who spend 33.95 a month and go on it.

We had a customer diagnosed with glaucoma. It was after the diagnosis she started on The Basics.
The next time she went to the doctor -- no glaucoma!

So she decided to give it the test. She quit taking The Basics. The next doctor's appointment she learned the glaucoma was back. So, she ordered more Basics and took them until her next appointment.

What did she find? Thats right - no glaucoma!

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