Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Written By: Kandy Kremnetz

My father, who was 73 at the time, had chronic bronchitis for about a year. When he moved from Michigan to Florida, where I live, I found out about it. He said he needed to find a doctor down here fast.

I put him on 9 EPA (Now Essential Omega-3 Complex) daily (3 with each meal) and after about 10 days he didn't care if he found a doctor. He had continued taking his Vita-Lea, Alfalfa and C Sustained Release and perhaps some other supplements, not as much as I'd like him to use.

He is now sold on the Pain Relief Complex and won't be without it.

The "itis" at the end of a condition means inflammation. Pain Relief Complex gets rid of inflammation, so I would highly recommend Pain Relief Complex for bronchitis. Omega-3 and GLA also help with inflammation.

Essentially, ALL ailments are inflammation. Their name only indicates where the inflammation is.

bronchitis - bronchial
arthritis - joint
bursitis - bursa
neuritis - nerves
laryngitis - larynx
endocarditis - heart
diverticulitis - intestines
colitis - colon
tendonitis - tendon
diabetes - pancreas
alzheimer's - brain on fire
parkinson's - brain on fire

You get the idea. I believe Pain Relief Complex could be one of the most important products we have. At the beginning of or throughout the disease process, there is inflammation. If we block the inflammation, we block the swelling, the pain and the disease process.

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