Thursday, March 08, 2007

MGM Supplement: Do You Filter or Buy Water?

Have you ever stopped to think about the one single thing that we need most on this planet. Well take a minute now and just try and put this into perspective.

Pollution has been a very touchy subject for many years, but now it is getting a lot more attention because of the recent correlations between pollution and global warming. Global warming has many averse effects not only on our planet but also on us.

I read an article the other day that was making a point that there really are not safe pure streams that you can just drink out of anymore. Much of this can be blamed on global warming. With all the excess carbon in the atmosphere, when it rains now it isn't necessarily safe to drink because it is probably acid rain. I know what your thinking "so what, I don't drink water out of a stream."

Well I do understand that most folks now-a-days either drink city water or bottled water. I have my own personal opinion about both of these sources. First off most city water isn't fit for a pregnant woman to drink because of the fear of birth defects. Well I'm no expert, but if the water isn't good for a pregnant woman and her baby then what are the long term effects that the water is going to have on us. Most people just don't realize what that they might be ingesting. With all the pesticides and cleaners that we use in today's world they are bound to get into our drinking water if they are not already in there.

Bottled water has both negatives and positives. Did you know that water bottled within state lines is not regulated by the same high standards that brands such as Aqufina and Dansi (national brands). So pretty much if your buying a brand of bottled water that is the best deal for the money, your probably being poisoned slowly.

A great way to purify your water is through reverse osmosis. Simple to Install, Even Simpler to Use. Because of its effectiveness in reducing the widest range of contaminants, large municipal water systems treat their most challenging water problems with reverse osmosis technology. The only problem with the large municipal systems are that the water has to travel so far to get to your home that it can be contaminated as it is traveling through the water lines.

Now you can have that same technology in your own home at the turn of your tap.

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