Saturday, March 17, 2007

Info on Hashimoto Thyroidosis

Hashimoto's Thyroidosis is an inflammation (itis) of the Thyroid gland caused by a virus. It is my theory (others agree) that there is only one disease that is caused by malfunctioning cells.

Malfunctioning cells usually show up first where there may be genetic weaknesses within the body. There are two causes of disease: 1) malnutrition-- and 2) exposure to toxins. Hashimoto's attacks the thyroid gland (and other parts of the body as well)--the damage done to the function of the gland is temporary--unless the gland does not get the super nutrition the body needs to suppress the virus.

Doctors tend to quickly respond to blood tests that are abnormal by putting someone on synthroidor one of the other brands of thyroid medication. The problem with that is that the gland cannot recover on its own--if the Pituitary gland does not need to make Thyroid stimulating hormone anymore because the bloodstream has plenty of Thyroid Hormone T4, it stops making it almost completely. T4 is what is in Synthroid--the the body must break down T4 into T3 (triiodothyronine), theactive thyroid hormone.

Viruses do their damage and may simply lie dormant in the body until the immune system weakens again--and come back even some where else in the body to attack. MGM products, including bifda, Premium Garlic, interferon, B, C, Zinc,Vit* Le* and Protein and others, can help the immune system work optimally so that they body has plenty of food to feed the cells of the thyroid gland, and so that the immune system can always suppress a further attack on the body(possibly in the form of fibromyalgia) later. If there is a chance that the gland can become normal again, why not let it--give it a month or two with the supplements and see if the gland can recover.

Ask the doctor for his/her help in trying another tactic. Some times drugs are not the answer--but they sure are easy to prescribe.

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