Thursday, March 01, 2007

MGM Supplement: Synthetic Vitamins Just are Not Worth It

Recent headlines that antioxidants beta-carotene & vitamin E cause mortality.

(MGM Supplement is a Shaklee Distributor)

My husband Dan (MD) told me the same things the recently issued Shaklee Health Sciences Bulletin says, last evening, after he read the article about antioxidants in JAMA. He said the study is poorly designed, they used synthetic vitamin E (MGM's E is natural mixed tocopherols & their Beta Carotene is natural mixed carotenoids), and they compared data from widely divergent studies that did not match up in terms of populations, protocols, or anything else. They didn't do any new research - they just did a meta-anaylsis of old research. We're taking our E!

When the "Shaklee Study" is published, everyone who reads it will know that hundreds of thousands of MGM customers have way BETTER health than those taking other brands, or none at all. As you probably know, Dr. Shaklee was very big on "not messing with Mother Nature" - he created concentrated food supplements using only natural sources - not extractions, synthetics, crystallization, etc. - and Shaklee processes without heat or chemicals, which destroy nutrients & enzymes found in natural food sources.

As Dr. Shaklee said, "We don't make vitamins - only Mother Nature can do that. We make concentrated food supplements that preserve the nutrient content and use a process that does not add heat, or chemicals, or crystallization - or other tortures - and the process we use is the ONLY secret in the Shaklee organization."

Have a great evening - and not to worry about taking your "E"!

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