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MGM Supplement: What are people saying about MGM Supplement?

If you have read, watched, or even head the news lately I'm sure you herd about the trouble we are getting into with the enviroment. Just tonight I read an article about global warming, and I have to say that I'm scared of what my children are going to face. One thing that I read really sticks out in my mind. It said that by the year 2100 our climate and life styles are going to change drastically due to global warming. Just think, if each and every one of us would just do one thing to help our enviroment it will help out our children and grandchildren long after we are all gone. MGM supplement ( a shaklee distributor ) is doing just that. This is a company that really is in tune with living in harmony with the enviroment, and they will not pass it up just to turn a profit. We are dedicated to making a positive effect in this world.

What Health Care Professionals Are Saying About MGM Supplement (a shaklee distributor)!

From Dr. Steve Chaney, PhD,

One of the biggest mistakes people make is taking inexpensive vitamins or buying them based on "deals". Cut-rate products often contain additives, food allergens, sugar, artificial food coloring and flavoring. Many are coated with shellac, or contain potentially hazardous chemicals like chlorine. We know from various studies that potency and purity can vary widely from pill to pill and bottle to bottle. Another problem is freshness. The FDA does not require expiration dates on supplement bottles, so many companies don't include them. (Note to reader - all MGM supplements are labeled with an expiration date.) But - we KNOW MGM Supplement ( a shaklee distributor ) performs up to 176 separate tests for purity, freshness, potency, and safety on the raw ingredients for a single product! "The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the cheap price is forgotten!"

From Christopher C. Jensen, PhD, VP of Scientific Affairs for Shaklee

Most supplement companies would worry about a visit from the FDA, but Shaklee scientists invited FDA representatives to the Norman, Oklahoma manufacturing plant to discuss quality control standards for the industry. The FDA came away impressed by the rigorous quality control measures at Shaklee that far exceed those typically found in the dietary supplement industry. There will always be bogus ingredients in the marketplace. They'll never be in Shaklee products, however, because they don't meet our scientific standards. It comes down to a question of short term sales or long standing integrity. Shaklee screens all raw materials for presence of heavy metals or agrichemical residues, solvents, coloring agents, flavoring agents, irradiation, nutrient composition and more. This procedure is common in the pharmaceutical industry, but not in the minimally-regulated supplement industry. One example of Shaklee's philosophy in action is the steps we took upon learning that ginseng supplies from China were contaminated with a fungicide. Despite the fact that asian ginseng was one of our best selling herbal products, we took ours off the market, yet few if any other companies stopped selling ginseng. Shaklee truly cares about each ingredient in every product it sells, and is committed to "living in harmony with nature."

Shaklee can be the one thing that you could do to help the enviroment. Did you know that shaklee has been involved in the planting of one million trees in Africa to more that make up for the pollution that the shaklee factory produces. Now if only we could get every company to do this.

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