Monday, January 29, 2007

MGM Supplement: What Can Soy Protien Do For You?

Are you barely getting through the day?
When you need energy, do you reach for a cup of coffee, pop, or a doughnut?
Does this happen to you every two hours?

People whose diet consists of caffeine and sugar, their blood sugar levels are like a roller coaster. They are searching for energyin all the wrong places. Caffeine and sugar are a temporary fix.

So the big question is where to get a lasting source of energy without stimulants and sugar? Three words....


Why Choose MGM Supplement's Energizing Soy Protein?

14 grams of protein per serving
Uses only IPP-certified non-GMO soy protein
Highest-rated protein quality
Natural vegetarian protein source
Naturally cholesterol free
No saturated fat
Naturally lactose free, 50% of your daily needs for calcium
All the amino acids, including the nine essential ones you must get from food

The key to MGM Supplement's Soy Protein's amazing ability to help people feel energized for hours is something scientists refer to as glycemic response. Glycemic response describes the effect a food has on blood sugar. Foods like a hot-fudge sundae can cause your blood sugar to spike and then plummet rapidly. A short time after you've finished the last spoonful, you feel tired, irritable, and surprisingly hungry considering the number of calories you've just consumed.

Soy and Menopause

Cross-cultural studies of menopausal women have found that women in Japan experience a smoother transitional period than women in the West. Soy foods are commonly consumed in Asian countries, providing an estimated 25-45 mg of isoflavones per day for the average person. [1]

Breast and Prostate Health

It has long been known that many soy-consuming Asian populations have better rates of breast and prostate health that do Western populations.

There are many factors involved in prostate health, but a recent, large-scale population-health study suggests soy intake as one of those factors. In this study, men who reported frequently consuming soy milk (which contains isoflavones) were 70% more likely to maintain prostate health during a follow-up period, compared to the men who had little or no soy in their diet.

So, who can benefit from Energizing Soy Protein?


[1] Knight, DC, Eden, JA, a review of the clinical effects of phytoestrogens. Obstetrics and Gynecology 1996; 87:897-904
[2] Anderson, JW, Johnstone, BM, Cook-Newell, ME, Meta-Analysis of the effects of soy protein intake on serum lipids, New England Journal of Medicine 1995;333:276-282.

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